leveraging certification to land contracts

Ceteris Consulting Group realizes that going through the process of certification can be grueling.  With this in mind, our experts leverage nearly 10 years of experience handling certification and will take you through the process seamlessly. If you aren't sure whether or not your company qualifies to be certified, or if even ready, take advantage of our FREE Pre-Qualification Assessment.  Once we have determined what certifications you qualify for, one of our experts will assist you through the complete process. Not only that, with additional business services, our company can make sure that once you are certified, you can compete, giving your company the competitive edge. There are many companies that are considered diverse, and your company may be one!

Find out whether your company may qualify for this designation, how to become certified and how this might help your business today!

The benefits of being a minority-owned business with certification

The process of becoming certified as a minority-owned business for the purposes of participating in special programs like those offered by the NMSDC, WBENC, NGLCC and the SBA’s 8(a), Veteran-owned, and Service Disabled Veteran Owned are significant, but the benefits of being a minority-owned business with certification are significant too. From federal and government agencies to private corporations, there are many organizations that want to do business with minority-owned businesses and would even prefer to do so. Certification may provide your business with opportunities it might not otherwise be able to compete for.

Many federal government agencies are even mandated to reward a substantial number of contracts to certified minority-owned businesses. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires that at least 10 percent of the money spent on contracts for certain projects go to businesses that are minority-owned, and entities (such as state transportation agencies) that receive DOT funding are required to develop Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) programs to ensure compliance.

Government agencies are not the only organizations that want to award work to minority-owned businesses. The corporations that work with members of the NMSDC include such illustrious brands as Walmart, Toyota, Nissan, Shell and many others.

Any business, including minority-owned businesses, must register with applicable federal and state programs through which contracts are advertised and awarded. Minority ownership may or may not be a factor in individual contract specifications; however, some contracts may even be exclusively set aside and awardable only to minority-owned businesses.

Minority-owned businesses that want to compete for federal contracts must first register with the SAM (or the System for Award Management). Registration is free; however, each contract will have its own specific supplier or vendor requirements.

Minority-owned businesses that want to become a federal supplier with the GSA (Government Services Administration) can find guidance and assistance on the GSA portal site. From the portal’s landing page, you will be able to determine whether becoming a government supplier is right for your business, find out how to become a vendor and get information about finding and pursuing government contracts. This site also has a listing of set-asides, such as the percentages of contracts that must be awarded to minority and disadvantaged businesses, which apply to every federal government purchase valued from $2,500 to $100,000.

Each state has its own process for awarding government contracts, including provisions for awarding contracts to minority-owned businesses within the state. 

How can being certified lead to acquiring contracts?