Our Founder

"She's so MBE Centric"

For those who are unfamiliar with the acronym, MBE stands for Minority Business Enterprise. 

From the moment Mia O'Guinn McNeal started the journey into supplier diversity she was hooked.  The thought of working with minority businesses and advocating on their behalf was a dream realized.  Over the last 7 years, McNeal served  as President & CEO of Arkansas Mississippi Minority Supplier Development Council, and then in the same role for the expanded area of the Southern Region.

While she found that role very gratifying, her passion was advocating and developing MBEs.  After years of deliberation, in 2017, McNeal started Ceteris Consulting Group.  

"Ceteris Consulting Group is a "think tank" company committed to filling the gaps that result in the stagnation of diverse businesses.  For many, even after doing all that they think is required, they still fail to get new business and grow their companies."

It is the commitment of our founder to stand in the gap.  Advocacy is only a part of her commitment.  The development and overall strategic planning of diverse businesses to impact their growth is the overarching mission of this founder.

"She's so MBE Centric"