It is too late to get ready when opportunity comes your way.  You have to be ready. It is our over-arching mission to  empower minority communities, and the best way to tackle that mission is by building strong businesses.  

At Ceteris, we work to provide development programs that address the top obstacles that prevents most businesses from going to the next level:  

Financial Management


Use of Technology

General Leadership/Management

Personnel Management

Regulatory Compliance

We provide:

We're here to help YOU Get Business

and Give Business!

earning business

We know that it can be frustrating to understand where and how to find "corporate ready" suppliers.  Tired of calling and researching multiple databases to only come up with a name, but no idea of if that company can actually perform? We take the stress and worry out of supplier diversity by using our custom vetting process to identify suppliers that will meet your needs.  Our program moves with strategic intentionality to identify, develop, vet, and introduce their product and service to your organization. 

We provide:

awarding business

Business Development

Certification Assistance


Relationship Cultivation


Sourcing Assistance

Supplier Vetting

Supplier Diversity Program Implementation

Relationship Cultivation